3 Ways a Water Softener Can Save You Money

If you’ve seen a crusty build-up on your sink or faucet, you probably have hard water. Aside from being unsightly, did you know that hard water could be costing you money? By doing something as simple as installing a water softener in your home or business, you can save money on energy bills, appliances and more. Let’s explore just how water softeners save you money over time.



When hard water flows through your pipes, it leaves behind minerals that, over time, make it more difficult for water to pass through the pipes efficiently. This causes appliances, such as your hot water heater, to work less effectively. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy says hard water scaling and sediments reduce water heater efficiency by up to 10%.

Water softeners save you money by taking those hard minerals out of the picture, allowing your water to flow optimally through your pipes. With a properly functioning plumbing system, you won’t be spending as much money each month on the energy needed to get the job done.



When hard water build-up causes your appliances to work less effectively, it wears them out faster over time. That crusty buildup around faucets and in pipes, known as “scale”, restricts water flow, impedes water heating and leaves stains on sinks and showers.

The restricted water flow and impeded water heating mean that your appliances, including your dishwasher, have to work extra hard to provide you with the water you need. This can lead to costly repairs, and, according to a Water Quality Association study, leads to your appliances wearing out 30% faster. Plus, you’ll also likely be purchasing more cleaning products to rid your appliances of the scale, which won’t be necessary to do when you fix the source of the problem–the hard water itself.



Along with being tough on appliances, hard water can also do a lot of damage to your laundry. Hard water requires over twice as much detergent as soft water does, leaving your clothes feeling coarse and stiff and wearing out the fabric faster.

Water softeners save you money on laundry detergent since detergent mixes much easier with soft water, meaning you don’t have to use as much to achieve the same results. You’ll also save money on fabric softener since soft water does not leave your clothes coarse and stiff like hard water does. Since you don’t have to replace your worn-out clothing as often, you’ll spend less replenishing your wardrobe, too.



Along with saving you money, water softeners can even give you money back in the long run. Homes with water softeners are valued at much higher prices than those without them, so installing one in your home can actually increase its value. Not only does a water softener keep your pipes and appliances in good shape, but potential homebuyers also know that they don’t have to worry about all of the other hassles that come along with hard water.



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