Bottled Water Coolers & Safe Fountain Systems

Residential and Commercial

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Bottled Water Coolers

More and more individuals today are looking at bottled water as a source for their quality drinking water. EcoWater Systems offers two no-spill water cooler models for rent or purchase: a Hot and Cold Model and a Cold and Room Temperature Model.

Our commercial-grade water coolers are made of polycarbonate and designed for easy cleanup. They are lightweight and can be moved to different locations. Replacement parts can be ordered for all models.

Bottled Water Coolers:

  • The Hot and Cold Model – Two-faucet cooler supplies cold and hot water.  The hot water faucet provides water at 180 degrees, for soup, tea, instant coffee and hot chocolate.
  • Cold and Room Temperature Model – Two-faucet cooler supplies cold and room temperature water.  This cooler is great for refreshing cold drinking water and cooking.

EcoWater Systems provides Reverse Osmosis UV & Ozone sterilized bottled water in 5-gallon, easy to carry bottles. Each jug has a no-spill cap for convenient transfer to the water cooler. The water is bottled locally at a bio-safe, certified, FDA regulated plant for the highest level of quality control to ensure no contamination by bacteria or human handling.

The bottled drinking water from EcoWater Systems is always fresh, bottled daily, and delivered within 24 hours to your home or business.

Safe Fountain Systems

While water quality in North America is generally considered to be good, system upsets, changes in water treatment conditions, and an ever-increasing list of harmful contaminants like lead, copper, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and toxic forms of algae found in water nationwide has caused us to rethink how we keep drinking water safe, especially in our schools.

Most lead contamination comes from underground pipes and lead solder joints in the walls. If you find high levels of lead in one fountain or faucet, it’s sure to show up in others since they’re all connected to the same piping systems. School districts that initially replaced a ‘hot’ fountain or two have found they are just chasing the problem from one location to another. Point-of-use filtration is the only effective way of treating lead and other potentially harmful contaminants by producing fresh filtered water just before it’s consumed. We’re experts in the area and our patented Metsorb lead absorber is the standard for the industry. Let us help solve your district’s water problems with cost effective, easy to maintain solutions.