home water solutions

Water Softeners

Home water softener solutions remove contaminants that cause hard water such as calcium, magnesium, sediment and iron from your home’s water sources. With these excess minerals removed, you will see less scale buildup on your home’s appliances, and your skin will feel softer. Let us diagnose your hard water problem and find a solution that best suits your home.

Water Refiners

There are many home water solutions that tackle a specific water issue. EcoWater offers a water treatment system that can solve multiple water problems you may be experiencing. Reduce foul odors coming from your water and hardness with a water refining system. These systems reduce minerals and sediment to make your water not only soft, but also enjoyable to drink.

Drinking Water Purification

Safer water doesn’t have to come from expensive bottled water. You can get contaminant-free tap water for your home with our variety of purification systems. Under sink filtration is easy to store and install. It also ensures the water you’re consuming from your kitchen sink is safe and free of dissolved metals.

whole Home filtration

Tap water is convenient to use for drinking, cooking and cleaning. However, the threat of harmful contaminants in the water you use every day can’t be stopped at your city’s municipal center. Stop mineral deposits and other harmful contaminants from entering your water with a whole home system that fits right next to your water heater.

Problem Water Filtration

Different homes have different water issues. That’s why you shouldn’t be stuck choosing from a list of filters that remove the same thing. Identify what’s in your water and choose the filtration system that will reduce whatever contaminant is causing your water to become unhealthy and harmful to your family.

Featured Water Problems

Our EcoWater Pros offer a simple and comprehensive water analysis and can help recommend the right water treatment solution for your home. Click to learn more about some of the contaminants that may be affecting your family and home.


Do you notice spots on dishes, shower doors, or fixtures? Hard water is water that has a high mineral content.


Does your water smell or taste like a swimming pool? Chlorine is a common disinfectant.


Does your water taste metallic or do you notice reddish, rust-like stains? This can be caused by excess iron in your water.


Does your water smell like rotten eggs? Sulfur is easily recognized by its offensive odor.


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