Maintenance & Service

EcoWater of Mid-Missouri has been serving the area since 1972 and is here for all of your water softener and filtration needs. Our highly trained team will install a new system in your home or business to improve the quality of your water. We also service all brands of water softeners or water treatment products, so if your existing system needs to be repaired, we can help with that too. Our products and services, as well as our dedicated team, are ready to meet your needs.

Free Water Test

Does your water taste funny? Smell odd? Look, well… not normal? We can help.

If you’ve noticed one indication, several, or are simply concerned with the quality of your water, our EcoWater professionals are qualified to perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis to recommend the right solution for you.

Whether it is hard water treatment or a remedy for another water issue, stop worrying about “what’s in my water” and take action so you can get back to enjoying your water.

To receive a FREE water test from the experts at EcoWater Systems of Mid-Missouri, contact us today!

Yearly Maintenance Programs

Now that you have a water softener, it’s time to think about yearly maintenance.  We want you to have the best water, not just in taste, but in quality. Whether it is changing out filters or giving the system a tune-up, almost all systems require some periodic maintenance to ensure you are getting the same water quality as when the system was new.  Our yearly maintenance programs ensure that your water systems are in great shape for years to come. Plus, it’s easier than getting the oil changed in your car and even more efficient!

Reverse Osmosis Filter Change

Do you own a reverse osmosis (RO) system? If so, the most important maintenance for your system is on-time filter changes. Changing your filters every 12 months will ensure the longevity of your membrane, which purifies the water running through your RO system. Make changing your filters every year a priority so that you can continue to experience the best water, and live a cleaner, healthier life with your new system. Choose from either our in-home filter change service or stop by the store to change out the filters yourself.